The Christmas Shadow Show eCard

A stunning Christmas eCard performed by the UK’s only shadow show team!

Personalised with your company colours, font, message to your audience and complete with your logo! We’ll create the perfect ecard for your audience.

Just send us your brand font, colours, personal message and high res logo. We’ll send you the personalised card as an MP4 file and then it’s up to you to send to your clients and staff. You can embed the video into a Christmas newsletter or upload the file to vimeo and send out your Christmas email with link to your branded e-card.

The e-card length is 50 seconds including your personalised message and logo.

The 1st showreel below shows you what you’ll get. The 2nd showreel below shows you an example of one we’ve made earlier!

Book your personalised ecard now!

“Amazing! We love it!” Trinity St

Previous shadow show clients include – Pirelli, Hitachi, London Boat Show, Royal Mail, UEFA, BITC, Anglo American, Aditya Birla India, Skoll Foundation USA amongst many more!

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