United Kingdom

A celebration of the landmarks, industry and people of this amazing country!

The show begins with a central character spinning a world globe until it lands on the UK. As she zooms in, the UK gets larger and larger until suddenly she finds herself in the midst of this green and pleasant land. She watches as performers’ bodies create impressive images of landmarks from all over the UK such as Tower Bridge, Stonehenge, Wales Millennium Centre, the Scottish Highlands, Giant’s Causeway and many more.

As her journey continues, she meets a character that shows her an interactive touchscreen. He swipes the pages teaching her about the quality and innovation of British industry. The figures create extraordinary scenes from different industries including Manufacturing, Healthcare, Auto, Aerospace, Finance, Green Energy, Technology, Communication and Fashion amongst others.

One by one the figures come forward to greet the main character. Together they create the word ‘United’ before standing side by side in a line representing the British people. The screen quickly and smoothly moves back as the performers tumble onto stage in full view. They are seen supporting each other while performing acrobatics, high lifts and dance. They create an impressive group-pyramid before they stand together for the bow. Your logo features as the backdrop in the final scene.

United Kingdom is an impressive and highly entertaining show with funny references to the Loch Ness Monster, drinking tea and of course queuing! It’ll be the highlight of your event and your guests won’t be disappointed!

The show’s content can be applied to many themes and industries including GB; Communications; Travel; Working Together; Getting connected; Automobile; Aviation; Innovation; Design; Engineering, Energy, Manufacturing and Finance amongst many others. If your industry is not featured in this show we can insert a short scene to feature it. Get in touch to discuss.

Show length – 11 minutes with bows.

Mobile: (+44) 07815 105 296