Large Cirque Shows

If you’re after a big spectacle with a real punch, then this is what you need to book! We can design and produce a fully customised and integrated show according to your vision. We have directors and choreographers in-house to bring it altogether and create the wow you’re looking for.

Choose who you would like to feature – Acrobats, Olympic rhythmic gymnasts, aerialists, UV jugglers, cyr wheel, winged ballerinas, free-runners, wall walkers, aerialists flying up in the air on winching systems. And if the sky’s the limit, we can produce unique equipment just for you!

Show lengths vary from 5 – 45 minutes in length depending on how long you’d like to be entertained for!

Get in touch to discuss how we can make a designer show just for you.

Themes – Cirque D’Soleil, Frozen, Corporate, Fantasy.

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