We produce acrobatic shows and ambient entertainment with our eyes shut! We’ve had many years experience of turning high skill level into shows that will suit your event and create a bang! We are a mix of talented acrobats including –

  • Balancing adagio acrobats that perform high hand to hand and group balances

  • Tumblers who can perform spectacular stunts

  • Free-runners who can climb and somersault off any obstacle

  • Contortionists, both elegant and breath-taking in their abilities and flexibility

  • Hand-balancers that perform on their handstand canes or on unique props

  • Cyr wheel performers to create a unique and captivating high-energy act!


  • Acrobatic duet, trio, quad or troupe acts

  • Walkabout acrobats.

Number of shows per event:

  • Main-stage choreographed show – 5 minutes.
  • Ambient/Walkabout sets – 15/20 minutes.

Book both the act and the ambient sets if you’d like to fill more time at your event.

Mobile: (+44) 07815 105 296