Shadow Shows


Evolve is an exciting show based around discovery, achievements & our growth. We visit our past, get thrown back to the present and look forward to our future. Together, what can we achieve next? It just takes one idea..

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A Christmas Gift

A virtual shadow show tailored for your guests. An inspiring and uplifting show about hope and of us being together once again.

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Connect is an uplifting show where we visit many different countries across the world! From the Taj Mahal to the Empire State to the Australian desert! An inspiring show about us all coming together and working as a team towards a united goal.

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United Kingdom

The show begins with a central character spinning a world globe until it lands on the UK. As she zooms in, the UK gets larger and larger until suddenly she finds herself in the midst of this green and pleasant land.

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Bespoke shadow shows

If you want your unique story told, then a bespoke, one-off show can be designed especially for you. We work with you to gain a good understanding of your concepts & ideas. We add a little magic & expertise, then perform an entirely unique show at your event.

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