Olympic Gymnasts

All our gymnasts have represented Team GB at world championships, European championships, Commonwealth and/or Olympic Games. Our gymnasts have received many titles and awards including British & Welsh champions + 7 X Commonwealth Games medallists! Needless to say their top of their game!

They perform an exciting and highly visual act combining rhythmic ribbons, balls and hoops. Choreography includes sections from their Olympic routines. Please request your favourite equipment to be included in this show. Choices include ribbons, balls, clubs, hoop & rhythmic rope.

Act length: 5 mins.                                                                                        

Ambient sets: 15/20 mins approx. Ambient sets are not choreographed specifically to music and are usually slower paced than the act. These sets can be performed to ambient music but please request this if you would like us to bring the soundtrack.

Number of sets: Maximum number of 3 sets for a transient audience, 2 for the same audience. These sets may be a combination of the choreographed act and ambient sets.

Costumes include:

  • Frozen- silver & light blue
  • Red & white Cirque D’Soleil style
  • Corporate Silver white
  • Bond-girl gold

Mobile: (+44) 07815 105 296